The Fryer Engine (Bella) is a 1975 Mercedes-Benz ‘Kurzhauber’ (short nose) fire engine that we converted into a food truck in 2016 and we’re really quite proud of her. She is partnered by our 1983 Mercedes-Benz 608D (BabyBelle) who serves as our trusty support vehicle. And lastly we have ‘WOMAP’ (Weapon Of Mass Preparation) who is a 6m long kitchen trailer that stands high out of the mud during a great British summer! Our rig is designed to enable us to trade whatever the weather conditions, so we can keep fuelling the hungry hordes when they need it most.
Our Battered Chips are made from locally sourced fresh potatoes. We peel, chip and batter them on site and then fry in rapeseed oil. To go with your chips we have a Chinesey Chicken Curry and for the vegans amongst you we do a tasty vegetable version.
Feed your curiosity with a Battered Mars Bar or Deep Fried Creme Egg…….they’re SO wrong they’re right!
We appreciate it sounds strange to offer such a simple menu, but it works………..we tend to be one of the busiest stalls at the events we attend and people often return several times during the weekend……’s hard to describe are food, so here are a few comments from our Facebook page:
“Best chips I’ve ever eaten and I am an old man who has eaten chips from every corner of the known universe.!” (Martin Carr)
“Insanely delicious chips – never tasted anything like them! Made our festival 🙂 (Katie-Anne Florez)
“Best chips ever. All other chips are now merely pretenders to the throne!” (Catherine Reeves‎)
“The best ever! Absolutely amazing! We ate them at A New Day Festival. Yum yum” (Julia Penniston)
The Fryer Engine’s ethos is summed up by the word ‘quality’. The events that we attend, our staff, vehicles, ingredients (and consequently) food are the best that we can achieve. We passionately believe in providing a first class experience to our customers and are rewarded with beaming smiles as they sample our menu. We can serve around 200 portions an hour at peak periods.