We serve Belgian Waffles, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Super Bowls and Natural Colour Changing Lemonade. Our menu is 100% plant-based. Our desserts are an explosion of flavours, freshness, colours and juiciness. But it is so much more than just desserts; sharing the taste we share the message: broaden your horizons, use knowledge as a tool to create your own reality.

Our project is about choice and awareness. You were not born to do certain things, you were told to do them. As soon as you embrace that limitless choice you have, you are on that path of discovery. You cannot consider your eating habits preferences, unless you try an alternative. That is when your choice can be called preference. Otherwise, your conclusion is based on limited experience. Do not be restricted by your principles, for it is natural to redefine your perspectives. It is natural to develop.