Our love affair with tricycles started back in 2008 with our 1930’s Burgundy and Cream tricycle, and they are so popular that we now have 5 ice cream tricycles. (Classic Burgundy & Cream x 2, Contemporary Blue & White, Union Flag and our 1960’s “Psychedelic” Tricycle).

We work closely with Oddono’s Gelati Italiani who concoct stunning natural Italian gelato for us, freshly made using natural ingredients from around the world. We have yet to taste anything better!

“Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream” Christian Oddono, Founder.

Our daily rate includes 9 flavours of your choice served in traditional waffle cones (plain dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered in hundreds and thousands, and gluten free cones) and topped off with either a Rossini Curl or 99 Flake. We also provide tubs and spoons.

We include 160 servings of Ice Cream.