We are a food trailer that works as an amazing attraction. Our bespoke design allows us to stand out as we are a potato-shaped yellow colour trailer. The name of our brand is inspired by the fact that almost everyone loves fries.
Fries love uses the best ingredients starting from our high-quality Belgian fries to everything including sauces and scrumptious toppings. We put a great emphasis on the quality and taste of our fries, which makes us stand out from any other local fries’ shops.

Instead of opening our business in a traditional shop, we have instead chosen to stay on wheels.

The passion for fries and attention to flavour make our Belgian fries a true treat for your taste buds. Food is undoubtedly the most important thing for everyone. Having a Belgian fries’ trailer means that customer can satisfy little bouts of hunger in the most convenient yet flavourful manner. We ensure to serve them hot in a quick time. This means no long queues and longer wait times to get the food. We can serve freshly cooked Belgian Fries in no time in disposable recycled material. Fries Love is eco and environmentally friendly, as we are fully recyclable.
Our sample menu

Belgian Chips in a paper cone

Blue Heaven
(blue cheese sauce)
Oriental Fusion
(chive, onion and curry sauce) Belgian Classic
(onion and classic mayonnaise )
English Standard
(cheese and ketchup)

Mexican Style
(jalapenos peppers and guacamole)
Crunchy Bite
(crispy fried onion and mayo)
Fries Lovers Choice
(mix of sauces and toppings how do You Love)

Chilli Con Care + Belgian Chips
Chicken Fillets + Belgian Chips
Chicken Nuggets + Belgian Chips
Pork Sausage + Belgian Chips
Mix Meat + Belgian Chips
Mozzarella sticks + Belgian Chips

Sauces – Classic Mayonnaise, Blue Cheese, Curry Sauce, Ketchup, Guacamole, Vinegar,
Toppings – Chive, Crispy Fried Onion, Jalapeno Peppers, Mozzarella and Cheddar, Onion

Soft Drinks (fizzy drinks and juices)