Our pizza has some of the hallmarks of a classic Neapolitan pizza, but we’re not purists. An NYC inspired attitude towards toppings puts us somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic on the pizza-spirit map!

Our toppings are seasonal and local (where possible). We make our dough entirely by hand, which benefits from a long, room temperature fermentation, this helps keep them light and easily digested.

They’re then cooked in dual ovens at 450C and take just over a minute to cook.

Our set-up is designed to be stylish but super mobile, we are unobtrusive and can be setup and ready to fire out pizzas within an hour of arrival, and are packed up and gone in half an hour after service, like a thief in the night.

We’re self-sufficient and we can easily setup in front and back gardens, patios, deckings, forecourts etc.

All we require is a 3*3m outdoor space. No mains power or water necessary.