Cornwall’s first vintage horsebox serving Belgian Liege Waffles with sweet treats or fruit toppings. Available to hire for weddings, charity events, school fetes, festivals, private parties and whatever else you can think of. We also sell a selection of hot and cold drinks, ice cream tubs, ice lollies, cakes and sweets.

Once you have tasted a Belgian Liege Waffle you will find them very hard to resist. Unless you really hate sugar of course! Liege Waffles are regularly described as a brioche type dough and contain small lumps of pearl sugar that crystallise when they heat and give you a sugary crunch when you take a bite. You can top them with anything you like but firm favourites are icecream, whipped cream, a sprinkle of your favourite sweet topped off with a generous drizzle of sauce. Voila, you have yourself a delightfully delicious desert.

Sticking with the 1970s/1980s theme that runs through Winnie we decided to name our waffles after 80s children’s TV Shows. Again very random and no link to waffles we just thought it was more memorable and funnier when you have customers asking for a “Bananaman” or “The Flumps”.