We are two brothers serving the best kebabs this side of Istanbul.We have travelled from Istanbul to Lucknow picking up recipes, ideas and illnesses along the way. Having fallen in love with the much maligned kebab on our travels, we thought it was only fair to give it a boost here!

Our style is a mix of all we love and have learned. We’ve taken the light bread from India, the kofta of the ocakbasi’s, tabbouleh from our uncle and beers from, well, Peckham. Having grown up on a Devon farm, we know good meat, using a handful of trusted butchers in London we use only British chicken and only grass fed beef and lamb.

We do parties of all shapes, sizes and types. Whether is a day time barbecue kebab fix or the late night wedding “I’ve done too much partying and need a kebab before bed” – we’ve got you covered! We have a mobile set up using a beautiful Citroen H van or a gazebo….for the places we cant get the van!

The bottom line: fresh bread, charred meat and small plates with cocktails so good you’ll need another kebab at the end of the night.